Saturday, May 11, 2013

~....Hold Hands Together....~


Happy weekend readers and viewers. Sorry, i didn't update my blog for a long time. What a hectic life i had. Huhuhu.. Thanks for those who's concern much about my blog.. my story, my life (^__^).  Actually, banyak dan sangat banyak cerita. But, i had a limited time to write. Okay i proceed... Erm, Truly and deeply. I am nothing, and Allah is everything. Perancangan Allah itu adalah yang terbaik. Whether you will get inspired by the path that HE is leading you to or not. 

To be friend with you, it is my choice. But fall in...with u, it's beyond my control. This entry, i wrote to someone i known-well.....sincerely. 

When you told me, " I like you....." 
I felt butterflies in my stomach. 
When you ask for the picture....
I felt excited.
When you said, " Do you like me..?"
I felt moved.
When you said, " May i hold your hand till the last breath..."
I'm speechless.
When you said, " I wanna share your sadness and happiness.." 
I felt..... Ya Allah, please attached our heart together, so that we can complete each other for the future. Amin.

If something is meant to be, there's no need to rush. It will happen in the right time with the right person and definitely for the best reason. When you have taken a decision, put your trust in Allah. (Surah Imran 3:159)

" Hasbi Robbi Jallallah, Maafi Qolbi Ghairullah..."  
This!... when u miss somebody. 
Thanks for reading..~! 

OhMissWhatEver__said : Sometime we lose precious thing, in order to gain something priceless... May Allah ease everything... Amin.